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Re: PC: PC interchange w/ LV

At 06:13 PM 1/2/97 -0500, Mark Nolan wrote:
>        I am looking for information on the PC interchange with the Lehigh
>Valley at phillipsburg NJ/Easton PA.  I am modeling the LV mainline around
>Allentown PA.  During my research I found out about this interchange.  What
>type of cars, were interchanged here.  How often? What PC train made the
>interchange? Where did it orginate?  Any information will be helpful.  I
>hope to develop some realistic traffic patterns for the layout operations
>and this is a way to get PC power on the layout.  
>        If it makes any difference, I am modeling in HO scale and the layout
>is set in the early 1970's (1970-1972).  Thanks in advance.
>Mark Nolan
>Clarksville, TN

I live less than an hour away from the Phillipsburg NJ/Easton PA area and
would also like to model that area someday. If I were to cover a little
wider area I could include the CNJ, EL, LV, PC and Reading. The Phillipsburg
NJ/Easton PA area has changed significantly (downsized) since Conrail took
over. Check the US Geological Survey maps of the area. There is a good
chance that they may not have been updated recently and you can see the
track arrangements for an earlier period.

Have you heard about the Layout Design Special Interest Group? Doug Gurin
who founded the group is planning to model the Phillipsburg NJ/Easton PA
area and has written articles on it for the "Layout Design News" publication
of the LDSIG. All the back issues are available. I don't think Doug is
on-line, but the LDSIG has a Bulletin Board/Chat List with hundreds of
members that you can subscribe to as a member of the LDSIG. There are a
number of members with layouts you would recognize from the model magazines
that contribute to the list. Let me know if you want more information and I
will forward it.

Larry Mikkelson
lmikkels -AT- atsmail.gc.lucent.com

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