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PC: Penn Central sighting...

Last week, I went to Pueblo, CO to do a little railfanning.  On the way
there, we passed a BNSF freight on the joint line just south of Castle
Rock. It was headed north, we were southbound.  About 1/3 of the way
back in the consist was a PC Green 86' hi-cube box car.  There were no
markings on it other than reporting marks that were too small to be seen
from the distance we were at.  Although we were unable to chase it and
take photos, I am 95% certain it was an old PC box car. Interesting.

The remainder of the trip yielded many other great opportunities to
capture the quickly dwindling railroad variety of the west. Rio Grande
and SP have been swallowed by UP, and BNSF will soon eradicate the
Silver/Red and Blue/Yellow warbonnets.  The east coast scene is little

Take your photos now while you still can!


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