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PC: PC Fan

Gentlemen (and Ladies),

My name is Eben Corbiere and I model the PC in HO alongside B&M.  I am modeling 
from Springfield, MA (interchange with B&M), to Palmer, MA (interchange with 
CV), to Beacon Park (Boston yard).  I have resurrected the Turners Falls Branch 
to compete with B&M, pretending that the NH never abandoned it nor sold it to 
B&M and that the B&M rebuilt their line after the flood of 1939(?).    I will 
also run NH trains to Hyannis (on Cape Cod).  

Anyone with knowledge of what kind of equipment ran in these areas would be of 
great help. 

I have 5 PC Geeps, 4 PC U-Boats, 2 NH PA-1's, several NH RDCs, a NH 44-ton 
switcher, and an NYC U33B (hoping for an E8 for Christmas).  I plan on running 
both PC/NH/NYC passenger trains and freight trains, so you could say my era is 
pre-Amtrak (however, I would also like to run some B&M equipment delivered in 

Thanks Jerry!


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