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Re: PC: Am I the first?

Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com wrote:
> Doubtful.. :^)
> I just wanted to check this out to see how things worked.
> In case anyone is listening, I'm Gene Fusco.  I model PC and all three
> predecessor roads.  The current favorite is NH, but that changes with
> the project I'm on.  I used to live in New York, right on the Harlem
> line. I now reside in Colorado.
> I'm currently in the process of creating scale drawings for the PRR/PC
> E44. I plan on building a pair of these in brass in the near future.
> Anyway, I'm glad Jerry has managed to get this list on line.  I think it
> will be a great place to learn.
> Gene
> gene.fusco -AT- symbios.com


 Looks like I'm second!  

My first PennCentral sighting was back in 1974, in the Andover, Ohio
area...along an old NYC branch that used to run through Andover proper
(now gone)...at a place known as Dorset Junction, Ohio. 


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