Video Review: Green Frog's "Penn Central" Volume 1

If anyone is familiar with the Green Frog release "New York Central Odyssey", they will recognize the name Emery Gulash. Once again, Emery's camera captures the sights of mid-western railroading at the time of the Penn Central merger. Most of the two tape set centers around the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area of the Penn Central. Tape one is 1968, and is predominantly the swan song of the PRR and NYC heralds. Only a handful of worms are spotted near the end of the tape. Tape two, 1969, changes that as the guys in the paint shop start applying the new PC logo to everything. The video shows the multi colored worms as well as the standard issue white. Emery manages to get into Pennsylvania for the Golden Spike Centennial train pulled by NKP 765 (I think that's the one) Action into Windsor, Canada, and a few other locations are included as well. A good mix of passenger and freight action is provided along with a PC wreck train.

Of historical note, watch for the "rock and roll" sections of track. The poor maintenance conditions were in full evidence throughout most of this feature. In several of the scenes, locomotives can be seen rocking back and forth to the extent that you are certian they will derail!

The tape runs about three hours, it's in full color, and the sound synchronization is close, yet not exact. The cost of the two tape set is $45, and in my opinion is a must have for any Penn Central fan.

Oh yeah... the title on the box also says: Volume 1. I hope that means Volume 2 isn't far behind! Gene Fusco



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