Penn Central Model Decals

Here are listings of some available decals for Penn Central modelers. This is not a comprehensive list, but if you would like to help me make it so, please let me know about any decals not listed here.

FL9, H43, and Flexi-Flo decals from Highball Graphics

Highball Graphics makes decals for NYC/PC Flexi-Flo hopper cars in HO scale. The set is number F-113 and can be seen here. They also make sets in HO and O for H43 hoppers and in HO for blue-and-yellow FL9s in the MTA paint scheme. Their PC offerings can be found here.

Budd RDC decals from SMP

SMP Industries offers decals for decorating NYC and PC Budd RDC cars. The set number is 7093.

PC and predecessor decals from Central Decals

The PC Mailing List's own Jim Kosty and his firm, Central Decals, are offering decal sets of Penn Central, PRR, and NYC equipment that are not available from any other source. A complete listing is available here.

More new Microscale decals

From the current Microscale on-line catalog, here are some new PC boxcar decal sets that Microscale plans to release in the future. Set 87-1094 is available now.

87-1098 Penn Central (PC)   Box Car - Esoterica - Black Lettering - TOC & P&E Lettering   1968-76     
87-1097 Penn Central (PC)   Box Car - Hi-Cube - 86' 1968-76     
87-1095 Penn Central (PC)   Box Car - New York Central style numbers  1968-76     
87-1096 Penn Central (PC)   Box Car - Penn Central style numbers    1968-76     
87-1094 Penn Central (PC)   Box Car - Pennsylvania style numbers    1968-76 

Tom Haag

HO scale specialty decals

Martin Kaufman has released decal sheets with black lettering for PC MOW gondolas. Other decal sheets are also in the works and will be available shortly. Scans of the sheets will be posted here soon. For more info, contact him at

More specialized PC decals

Jim Homoki offers several specialized sets of HO decals. Set HO-1 is available in black or white, and inludes a variety of PC reporting marks, along with full width PC style numbers in solid and stenciled styles . Set HO-2 consists of medium and narrow width numbers suitable for a variety of freight cars. Contact Jim at for more details and prices.

Microscale releases new decals

Microscale Decals has revised many of their Penn Central decal sets, and now includes the Penn Central Railroad Home Page's web site address on their instruction sheets!

Add prefix 87- for HO and 60- for N scale. Only #84 and #1094 are available so far. Terry Link

New decals from Champ

Information on Penn Central decals from Champion Decals Company:

Greg Komar offers PC dry transfer lettering

Greg Komar offers the following Penn Central dry transfer lettering set:

Penn Central - 3-Bay Hopper, Class H43, A, B, & C. Series #472000-479450.
White Lettering & Herald On Black Car. (HO Set Fits Walthers Hopper Car)
HO sets are $4.95
O scale sets are $7.95.

Add $3.00 Shipping & Handling Per Order If Within The U.S. & Canada,  $5.00 elsewhere. 

For those unfamiliar with Greg Komar's lettering sets, these are rub on dry transfers, not wet decals. He has started selling to dealers, so you might be able to get these at your local dealer. Also stated on this listing is that he will custom print any set onto regular Microscale decal film for those that prefer that method. Greg can be reached at:

Greg Komar 
Po Box 340871
Tampa, Fl 33694-0871



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