PC Magazine Article Reference

Magazine Date Page Subject
X2S May, June, July 1969 Penn Central Roster (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
RMC February 1970 42 PC (PRR) N8 from a Tyco HO caboose by Ronald Morris
MR May 1973 58 A high-side pulpwood conversion by Tom Busack
RMC June 1974 43 PC's N9E transfer caboose by Tom Busack
RMC June 1974 45 PC's N9E transfer caboose drawings by Julian Cavalier
RNE June 1976 PC GP20's
MR November 1978 119 Paint Shop: SCL/L&N GP35; covered hopper; PC auto car by Jim Hediger
RMC August 1983 52 Building a Conrail work crane by Chuck Yungkurth (has PC photos)
RMC January 1985 90 The Century series: C636 (includes drawing)
RMC July 1987 74 General Electric U25B, part 1 (includes drawing)
RMC May 1988 84 PRR/PC/CR panelized turnout gondolas by Richard Burg and Chuck Yungkurth
MRR January 1989 17 53' 6" AAR Gondolas by Bill Deuroun and
Todd Sullivan
MRR November 1989 46 GP38-2 Superdetailing by W. Terry Stuart
RMC March 1992 64 EMD's SD38 and Conrail's MT6 Slugs by Eric Neubauer and Ken Goslett
MRR April and May 1992 Cresson Helper pool (article about CR but with some PC stuff included)
MRR January 1993 56 Modelling the N5C Cabin Car by Jim Six
MRR May 1993 30 PRR Open Steel Hoppers, H21 and Subclasses by J. Teichmoeller. (He also covers the H25 and H22 classes in the Sep. and Aug. issues)
MRR July 1993 Penn Central F-7's
RMC June 1996 74 EMD's modern switchers part 2: the SW1500 by Eric Neubauer and Jerry Frost (includes drawing)
RMC July 1996 73 Protofile 70: Penn Central sand hopper by Ed Sanicky
RMJ July 1996 6 Pennsylvania RR H35 & H37 Three-Bay Hoppers by Richard Burg
RMJ September 1996 40 45-Foot 12-Panel Triple Hopper, part 2 by Jim Eager
RMC September 1996 Modeling PC X-72 and X-72a 50' boxcars
MM November 1996 42 Penn Central F50 Coil Car by James Kinkaid
RMJ May 1997 43 Penn Central PD3000 Covered Hopper by Ed Sanicky
MRR May 1997 20 E7, The Standard Passenger Diesel, part 7 by George Melvin
MRR June 1997 36 Simple Projects for the Con-Cor 40' Plugdoor PS-1 Boxcar by Stuart Thayer
RMC June 1997 55 Conrail sand hoppers by Mike Rose
MM July 1997 20 50' Auto Car by Jim Kinkaid
DE September/October 1997 Part 4 of series on the GP38. Covers PC units. Ten pages are devoted to these units with a roster and many photos. Also included are the PRSL units with the extended cab fronts.
TRP Jan/Feb/Mar 1998 Northeastern railroad Alcos (not PC specific, but has PC photos)
MRR October 1998 Penn Central Alco RS11 article by Jim Six
MRR June 2001 PRR C630 modeling article by Stewart Thayer
RMC April 2002 U23C article (drawings of PC version)


DE   Diesel Era
MR   Model Railroader
MM   Mainline Modeler
MRR  Model Railroading
RMC  Railroad Model Craftsman
RMJ  Railmodel Journal
RNE  Rails Northeast
RRM  Railroad Modeler
TRP  The Railroad Press
X2S  Extra 2200 South



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